Paneldeko® has 2000 m² open and 5000 m² closed production area.

PANELDEKO panel systems are bringing a completely different breath to your projects, your living spaces and your life with its several models. Decorative panels which are produced from fiberglass, polyester and natural stone dust by using latest technologies, are bringing all the beauties and perfection to your living spaces from nature has already presented to us.


Paneldeko panels are inspired by real natural stones in nature and created in consideration of design elements like ease of application and image integrity. You can have the elegance and beauty of natural stones effortlessly, which have been formed in millions of years all over the world without harming the perfect harmony and integrity of nature. You can accomplish your prestigious projects rapidly, practically and excellently; you can turn every your imaginations and dreams into reality with Paneldeko panels both indoors and outdoors. Paneldeko panels, which can be the solution to numerous combinations that you can form with your creativity, take your modern designs one step further and will add the atmosphere of hundreds of years to your classic designs. And you can easily have all of them without harming human health and the environment.

Providing the best service in the sector by producing quality and lasting products constitutes the general policy of our company. As a result of this understanding, today our quality, durability and naturalness of our products have reached world standards.

Our company has

ISO 9001 - 2015 Quality Management System


Comments From Professionals

In the developing and growing construction sector, the desire of people to live in more natural and beautiful living spaces has enabled the industry to progress in this direction. In this context, the natural view of Paneldeko products and making the feel of real stone texture is making the living spaces beautiful. Paneldeko, as a solution partner of Siss Project Architecture, continues to make a difference in this regard with its products and working team.


Construction Engineer


Sinem Uğur Uyar
We oftenly prefer Paneldeko products because of its easy mounting solution and the ability to reflecting many different material combination realistically. In addition, these panels also became the products that our customers were satisfied to use after the application.


The surfaces that forms the space, the furniture and other elements which are used in the living space, are aesthetically contributing to the space.