We have produced panels in many colors, textures and shapes at high standards so that you can live your interior and exterior living spaces with the aesthetic values you dream of as Paneldeko. The most important common features of various panels that you can choose according to your style are; high quality, long-lasting and fine details that will respond to all kinds of liking…

Paneldeko products have natural and exotic texture and it can be cut to adapt to any angle.Its application is very practical and user-friendly. It is produced without using any substances harmful to health. Paneldeko products are environmentally friendly and long-lasting.


Textures that you want to touch. Once touched, you become captivated, drawn in with the characteristics of the product. The brick wall look will appeal to great many projects, both indoor and outdoor.


Inspired by the natural and timeless look of natural stone walls, our Stone Composite Textured Wall Panels will give you a quick and cost-effective way to replicate the laook of a hand laid stone wall, providing excellent durability and low maintenance.


Wood Composite Textured Wall Panels are inspired by the look and texture of natural wood with different sizes and designs. Get ready to have that beautiful Scandinavian Teak or English Oak look effortlessly and still have money in your wallet at the end of the day. Catch The Latest “Must Have” design trend of wood interior surfaces or exterior wood cladding.


Get ready to be charmed by the simple, yet captivating looks of our Concrete Composite Textured Wall Panels. You can have a molded or plain type concrete wall surface with natural effects on them, and in just a day. Quite suitable for restaurants, pubs, hotels, or houses.


Our Industrial Themed Textured Wall Panels are inspired by unique distressed brick walls, plaster&iron walls, bricks&steelwork peeking through crumbling concrete and urban tarnished metal plate designs for stylish urban interiors...

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Antique Tile Panels are inspired by the interior walls and ceilings of magnificent European palaces These composite chic panels get their name from their strength, longevity, and durability and they are fit for royalty...