comments from professionals

Wall-covering materials whose joints are invisible and which seem realistic are the products that we, designers, would like to use with enjoy. The new product range that Paneldeko has produced and expanded will give to users the opportunity to live in pleasant surroundings.


Çiğdem AKYOL


A. Nejat SERT
When we need to imply life experience or in the case of we need create timeless living spaces, we are in quest of horizontal and vertical covering materials. Paneldeko has a special importance among the products we apply in this phase. The main reason is easiness of application and usage of this product beside the advantageous of supplying this product.
Paneldeko products, that i apply in my all living space designs, which make us to feel of the warm of the past, carry the colors into the interior and exterior spaces from the nature, bring the aesthetics and the elegance together, are at the same time pratical, applicable, light, as well as durable and the glittering gate of architectural aesthetics which is opening to today and to the future, are the real lock of spaces that i designed… It was a pleasure for me to work with you. Thanks Paneldeko.




Enes ALP
Paneldeko ürünleri sayesinde daha özgür tasarımlar yapabiliyoruz kullanamadığımız doku ve malzemeleri çok kaliteli ve gerçekçi bir şekilde projelerimizde kullanabiliyoruz. Paneldeko’nun ürünlerinin son derece kolay uygulanabilir ve kullanışlı olması onu mükemmel kılıyor.Eza design studio olarak Paneldeko ile çok iyi projeler yaptık ve yapmaya devam edeceğiz.
Projects come to life not just inside and outside factors, but in harmony with all things. In our projects, Paneldeko became the product that not tires the applications of our ideas and designs, it made the space independent from the time and enabled our lines to become real.

369 Design

Mert C. Urcan


To our distinctive and innovative designs it is adding a unique warmth with natural lines. As Pafta Interior Architecture, while designing living spaces in a functional and ergonomic structure, the warmth and naturalness that Paneldeko products have added to our projects become an essential part of our innovative spaces.
Paneldeko products, which give a feeling of naturalness in the living space design process, offer a wide range of products without limiting our imagination. It enables us saving time with its practicality and professionalism.


Nur Begüm Keskin - Ömer Aziz Yılmaz


Sinem Uğur Uyar
We oftenly prefer Paneldeko products because of its easy mounting solution and the ability to reflecting many different material combination realistically. In addition, these panels also became the products that our customers were satisfied to use after the application.
In the developing and growing construction sector, the desire of people to live in more natural and beautiful living spaces has enabled the industry to progress in this direction. In this context, the natural view of Paneldeko products and making the feel of real stone texture is making the living spaces beautiful. Paneldeko, as a solution partner of Siss Project Architecture, continues to make a difference in this regard with its products and working team.


Construction Engineer


The surfaces that forms the space, the furniture and other elements which are used in the living space, are aesthetically contributing to the space.