• General Features, Advantages, Application Areas

    • General Features, Advantages, Application Areas

      General Specifications

      Quick and Easy-to-Install,
      Non-Flammable composite textured wall panels

      PANELDEKO Composite Textured Wall Panels are decorative composite products that are made of polyester, fiberglass and natural stone powders by using the latest production techniques; enabling us to bring all the beauty and perfection offered by nature to your living spaces.

      Inspired by brick, stone, concrete, wood, industrial surfaces and other creative patterns; PANELDEKO Textured Wall Panels are bringing an utterly different breath of fresh air to your life and to your living spaces.

      Our wall panels are great design solutions for restaurants, pubs, food-to-go places, hotels, offices and also for homes; feature walls, living rooms, kitchens, even bathrooms. That is why our panels are used in many prestigious projects by the architects, interior designers and builders all around the world for many years.

      The look is completely natural and will appeal to a great many projects. Whether you are a designer looking to finish a loft style apartment, a private dweller who wants something more than your average feature wall, or a commercial client looking for a strong background feature then this range is sure to appeal.


      We offer 10 years of warranty for exterior and 20 years for interior for our composite panels. They are durable and safe to use for both exterior facades and interior walls. We use natural paint pigments that create the most natural, highly durable, water resistant and UV resistant final paints. Our panels are resistant to sun, thermal shocks, rain, water and frost.

      General Features

      • Panel dimensions are 133*333cm (+- 2 cm) depending on the model
      • Panel thicknesses vary in the range of 6-25 mm depending on the model
      • Very lightweight. Panel weights vary in the range of 7-10 kg/m2 depending on the model.
      • Can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications
      • Can be used on any type of surface; brick wall, masonry, concrete, wood, MDF; even ceilings and arches by bending via a hot air blower.
      • They are screwed to walls, so no need for adhesives and pointing
      • Seamless finish; for joining panels together and hiding the screw heads, you will be supplied with a touch up kit for seamless finishing
      • Resistant to impacts thanks to their high strength and resilience
      • Natural and authentic textures
      • Panels can be cut in desired lengths and shapes via an angle grinder
      • Can be disassembled and assembled if needed
      • Their back faces are covered with Kraft paper
      • Do not contain any carcinogens or any other harmful materials to health
      • Long lasting and environmentally friendly
      • Available in standard and FR Grades


      • Very quick-to-install, often in a day; Large sized panels, quick coverage of the surfaces and assembly by screwing
      • Extremely lightweight; no extra load on the structure and easy to carry and install
      • Easy and clean-to-install; just by screwing without using any mortar or adhesive or pointing
      • Very thin; does not add much to overall thickness of the wall
      • Reduces total costs and construction times
      • Creates unique and charming environments

      Application Areas

      • Exterior Architecture and Facades
      • Interior surfaces, walls, arches, ceilings
      • Restaurants
      • Pubs
      • Food-to-go
      • Retails and Stores
      • Shopping Malls
      • Offices
      • Fairs
      • Homes

      FR (Fire Resistant Grade)

      “B, s1, d0” rating which is the highest achievable rating for this type of product; which means nonflammability

      Available for critical projects such as airports, train stations, shopping malls, hospitals etc.

      Composite Decorative Cladding Panel, in relation to its reaction to fire behaviouris classified:

      The additional classification in reaction to smoke prodiction is:

      The additional classification in relation to flaming droplets / particles is:

      The format of the reaction to fire classification in relation to Composite Decorative Cladding Panel is:

      Fire behaviour Smoke production Flaming droplets
      B S / 1 d / 0

      Reaction to fire classification: B-s1, d0